Melted only uses the best quality ingredients locally sourced from the Canberra region. Here at Melted, we believe in quality, our dishes offer different and distinct flavours that are constantly evolving with the change of seasons. Our menu consists of unique, bold and powerful flavour combinations brought together to create something new and exciting for all our customers. 

Sample Menu


All toasties available on 3 mills sourdough add 3

Double egg and bacon toastie  7.5  

Pastrami, egg, cheese and pickles toastie  8.5

Scramble egg, sriracha, avocado, tomato toastie  8.5 

Cheese  6.5

Cheese & Vegemite 7

Balzanelli ham and cheese 7

Tomato, pesto, fetta & mozzarella 8

Reuben, pastrami, sauerkraut, dijon mustard  9

Chicken caesar, bacon, lettuce, mayo  & cheese 13

Lasagne toastie 13

Roast lamb, babaganoush, garlic yoghurt & cheese 14

24 hour Bbq beef brisket, pickles, coleslaw & cheese 14


Massaman curry, potato  & cheese 10 


Three Mills Sourdough or Deeks gluten free quinoa bread 3

Tomato, Vegimite, Chill jam, Cheese, Egg 1


Pasta salad 4

Coleslaw, ginger dressing 4

Shoestring fries with BBQ / Sriracha / Chicken seasoning 4

Gluten free and vegan options are available upon request, Just ask us!


Small 3.5

Medium 4.5

Large 5.5

Bring your own cup and pay less. 

Keep an eye out for our daily specials and flavour combinations.

Toasted Sandwich Emporium

2/3 Pirie St Fyshwick, Canberra ACT, 2609 

 Open Monday - Friday 6:30am - 2:30pm

02 5105 8523

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